Construction and Repairing

Masking Tape

  • KK Blue (Stationery)KK Blue

    For stationery general purpose masking tape in economic grade with good enough adhesion for light packaging, bundling, in-door painting , holding and non-critical masking. Ideal for stationery and DIY.
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  • KK Orange (Packaging)

    For general purpose masking tape for packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, masking, and labeling that suitable for using in household, office, and industrial clean and residue free removable.

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  • KK Yellow (High-Temp)

    Premium grade of with stand high temperature and leave no residue when surface removed for trouble application masking, bundling, holding, splicing, painting, and labeling that suitable for industrial.
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Aluminum Foil Tape

  • Aluminum Foil of medium tack pressure sensitive with high holding power. For general purpose of wrapping the joints of surface in normal ambient temperature and moisture resistance non-flammable.
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Filament Tape

  • For strapping rods, moldings, tubes, plywood without danger of scratching, staining or damaging, reinforce cartons, protecting contents from pilferage, holding doors, loose parts on stoves, refrigerator while in transit. Best tensile strength of strapping from fiberglass. Durable hold up under handling. Can support weight well
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