• Factory (Tay Ninh)

    Lot 26-27 EPZ and IP Linh Trung III,Trang Bang , Tay Ninh ,Vietnam

    Telephone : (+84-66) 897-543 (Auto 4 Lines)

    Fax : (+84-66) 897-546

  • Sales Office (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Newton tower room number 2.11 address 38 truong quoc dung,
    P.8 , Q. Phu Nhuan Ho Chi Minh City.

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Social media : Zalo Official Account: @thaikk
Sale Admin : Ms. Tran Thi Kim Ly
Tel : (+84-66) 897-543 (Auto 4 Lines)
Fax : (+84-66) 897-546
e-mail : salesadmin@thaikk.com.vn

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