• Melamine

    This type of Thai KK melamine molding compound is classified as plastic. Thermosetting type The main ingredients are melamine formaldehyde resin and alpha-cellulose membrane. can be produced in a variety of colors The product is in the form of powder and granules. and using compression molding

  • Urea

    Urea molding compound is classified as a thermosetting plastic. The main ingredient is melamine-formaldehyde resin and pulp. Alpha-Cellulose can be produced in a variety of colors The product is in the form of a powder. flour and granules Both compression and injection molding methods can be used.

  • Glazing Resin

    Thai KK's melamine coatings and plating powders are suitable for coating and plating applications. Moisten the foil to create a pattern. When the container is coated with melamine powder coating, shiny workpieces are obtained. be strong prevent stains Resistant to heat and chemicals as well

    Glazing Resin 

    Our HORECA Melamine can be used to create HORECA tableware collection to serve all Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Businesses’ requirement. The product’s strength is it is resistance to breaking while also being the preferred choice for an elegant decoration.

    The product which made from melamine stoneware will be loft style. They are suitable for molding in either gloss or matte finish. The finished products will have a ceramic or stone-like finish.