Thai KK Group's Vision and Mission is

Our Mission is to deliver a WOW product and customer experience by creating walking innovations, sustainable, lifestyle products that fits your everyday needs.

Thai KK group focuses on proactive approach to product high-quality products, with global certifications, support to serve the global demands in all industries.

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Is the leading manufacturer of tape, labels, melamine and urea molding compound with 40 years, we are able to innovate new products that fits all types of applications.

Our Certifications Providing standard service is one of the heart of Thai KK Group. To be a quality management system according to international standards (Quality Management System), the company has passed standard system certification from leading institutions in each country.

Countries where we market

Our products are not only popular in Thailand. We also sell overseas under various brands. Countries where our products are sold include :

1.Malaysia and Vietnam Will be sold under the brands Thai KK and K-Tech.

2.Bangladesh, Brunei, United States, Singapore, Mexico and Indonesia will be sold under the K-Tech brand.